Worcestershire artist, Judith Grassi original paintings on canvasBorn in Lancashire, I now live and work in Worcestershire. I trained at Rochdale College of Art where I completed an art foundation course and then at the Faculty of Art and Design at Wolverhampton where I specialised in fine art.

I have wanted to paint and draw for as long as I can remember and was always encouraged as a child, coming from an extended family who were art lovers, painters, illustrators and woodcarvers in their free time. For me the experience of painting is one where I express simultaneously both what I see and what I feel.

Worcestershire artist, Judith Grassi original paintings on canvas

Whilst having an interest in most art genres and design in general, painting is my preferred art form, both creating my own pictures and looking at those of other artists. Once completed, a painting has a stillness that allows one to view it time and time again, knowing that any differences you see will come from within you the viewer.

My list of ‘most-loved artists’ includes Gustav Klimt, Amedeo Modigliani, Georgia O’Keeffe, David Hockney, Grayson Perry, Victoria Russell, mostly for her stunning portrait of the actress Fiona Shaw (National Portrait Gallery), Alison Watt (Associate artist at the National Gallery 2006-2008) and Anita Klein.

I paint vibrant, richly coloured canvasses portraying the dramatic impact of form, colour, texture and scale in nature. The ‘Flower’ series of paintings features close-range images on dark backgrounds which emphasise their energy and strength.

I photograph the flower and paint from that reference, capturing the stillness of the subject. The backgrounds are more a void than a setting for the image. All the energy and power come from within the subject itself, almost as if it is self-illuminating and that no matter where the image is placed the same light and energy would radiate.

The subject matter of my architectural paintings includes Witley Court in Worcestershire and Houghton House in Bedfordshire. These paintings feature the powerful contrast of a dark backdrop with the lighter, more distant image viewed through archways and windows, which almost becomes a painting within a painting.


Worcestershire artist, Judith Grassi original paintings on canvas

Worcestershire artist, Judith Grassi original paintings on canvas


All paintings are acrylic on canvas and are strung, ready to hang.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the paintings
mail@judithgrassi.co.uk or tel. 01562 515212